Here’s how Deskpass works for spaces:

  • You will create your listing online in just 10 minutes. You can choose to list your private offices, meeting rooms, coworking seats, or all three!

  • Deskpass members browse our network to discover workspaces close to them and learn about your unique offerings.

  • A Deskpass member reserves your space, and your team receives an automatic confirmation email that includes the member’s name, email address and photo, date of reservation, and the type of service reserved

  • The member checks in on the Deskpass app or website and receives important info such as WiFi or electronic door codes, and has everything they need to get to work!

  • While the member is on-site, your team is encouraged to let them know about your own memberships and services, as many of our members eventually convert from a Deskpass membership to a membership at a space directly.

  • Earnings are automatically direct-deposited into your bank account every month using Stripe as our payment processor for the highest level of security and dependability.

Its free to be listed on our workspace network, and Deskpass handles everything!

  • Marketing & advertising

  • Member onboarding to Deskpass system

  • The reservation process

  • Notifications and communication

  • Payment collection

  • Automatically depositing your earnings

To learn more about how Deskpass works, and to apply to participate, please follow these steps:

After we receive your application, a member of our Workspace Partnerships Team will be in touch with next steps.

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