Thanks for your interest in "making hybrid work" with Deskpass!

Our platform provides individuals and teams instant access to desks, private offices, and conference rooms in exceptional coworking locations globally.

Partnering with large and small coworking providers in 160 cities worldwide, Deskpass delivers the most complete network of on-demand workspaces for every possible individual or group need.

Below is a full breakdown so you have all the information you need:

Through the Deskpass app, users search for and reserve the perfect workspace based on type, amenities, cost, location and more.

We offer two paths to access the Deskpass app to make any reservation:

Deskpass Teams and Deskpass Instant Workspace.

Deskpass Teams

Using Deskpass Teams, companies instantly implement or enhance hybrid work programs by offering a network of 10,000+ reservable workspaces to all employees.

Centralized billing, detailed analytics, user management, access controls and pay-as-you-go usage, gives companies complete control over the coworking component of their hybrid work strategy.

Learn more about Deskpass for your company here.

Deskpass Instant Workspace

Through Deskpass Instant Workspace, any visitor can instantly reserve the exact space needed to ensure every day is productive and fun via or our mobile app.

With this pay-as-you go experience, users only pay for what they need whether it’s simply a single desk in a common area or a large conference room for weekly sales meetings.

How it Works:

Search and Reserve Workspaces

  • Browse thousands of workspaces, meeting rooms, and private offices available for you to visit with a Deskpass membership on the Spaces page of our website.

  • The Desk, Meet, and Office toggle allows you to filter spaces based on your specific needs.

For more information regarding Deskpass, you can visit our Rules & Guidelines page, view our full FAQ library, or check out our Resource Collection.

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