Thanks for your interest in coworking around town with Deskpass!

Deskpass is a multi-city membership that provides you access to thousands of workspaces, meeting rooms, and private offices with unlimited flexibility, no commitments, and pay as you go options.

Deskpass offers company plans and individual plans.

Deskpass for Companies

Deskpass is a turnkey solution for companies that provides your employees access to our growing network of spaces through one platform, one contract, and one support team.

Our Team Dashboard allows your company to measure, manage, and pay for your employees access to flexible workspaces with low risk, and for an affordable rate.

Learn more about Deskpass for your company here.

Deskpass for Individuals

To view our 3 monthly membership options and our 1 annual plan option, please visit this page of our website.

Monthly memberships have no commitments, no cancellation fees, and they include automatic rollovers which means if you don't use all your credits in one month they automatically rollover to the next month and stay on your account for as long as you are an active member (you have an active subscription with Deskpass).

You can choose to upgrade or downgrade your monthly subscriptions at any time, right through your account page.

Our annual plan is a prepaid offer that provides you a huge cost savings, so if you think you'll be a power user - its a great deal!

How To Search and Reserve Workspaces

Browse thousands of workspaces, meeting rooms, and private offices available for you to visit with a Deskpass membership on the Spaces page of our website.

The Desk, Meet, and Office toggle allows you to filter spaces based on your specific needs:

  • Select ’Desk’ if you are looking to cowork in a space’s communal area(s).
  • Select ‘Meet’ if you want to reserve a meeting room. To learn more about meeting room rentals, click here.
  • Select ‘Office’ if you would like to reserve a private office by the day, week, month, or for multiple months in a row. To learn more about private office rentals, click here.

For more information regarding Deskpass, you can visit our Rules & Guidelines page, check out our blog, or view our full FAQ library

Please let us know if you have any further questions or if you would like to give Deskpass a try!

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