Deskpass is a recurring monthly subscription, with no commitments or cancellation fees. 

This means you can cancel your account instantly at any time, to avoid any future billing. You can also reactivate your account at any time without any reactivation fees.

Given the flexibility to manage your account instantly at any time, we do not have the ability to issue a refund for credits that were not used. 

However, your unused credits do rollover to the next month!

So if you do not use all your credits in a month they will automatically rollover to the next month and stay on your account for as long as you're an active member. The amount of rollover visits that you can accrue on your account at any time is equal to your monthly credit amount.

The only time you will lose your accrued credits is when you cancel your account completely.

If you ever need recommendations on which spaces to reserve based on location, environment, amenities, moods, etc. don’t hesitate to ask us. The Deskpass team is always happy to offer suggestions on which spaces to try next.

Additionally, we have a helpful post 'How to Pick the Perfect Space for your Coworking Style' which can be a resource in your search for workspaces to reserve and use your existing credits.

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