Yes, your credit(s) will be returned to your account as long as you adhere by the Desk cancellation policy:

You can cancel for free up to 24 hours before the start of your reservation. Your Deskpass credits will be deducted if you don’t cancel your reservation.

If you make the reservation less than 24 hours before the reservation starts, you will have a 15 minute grace window in which you can cancel your reservation “for free.” Your card will be charged once the 24 hour or 15 minute thresholds are reached.

Please note, you can cancel a reservation by going to your Reservations page.

Cancellations must occur prior to the reservation date. A cancellation cannot be made after the reservation date has passed.

If you make a reservation for an incorrect date, or book and realize you can no longer make that reservation, we ask that you cancel your reservation as a courtesy to the space so they can relinquish your seat, and so you don't lose the funds.

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