Browsing and reserving any of the 1,200+ workspaces listed on our coworking network is quick and easy!

Here's how:

  • Visit our Spaces Page in your Deskpass app or on our website

  • Change the filter to your country

  • Search your address or an area you would like to find a space nearby

  • Zoom out on the map to see all the spaces in that area.

  • Change the Desk, Meet, and Office toggle to see different types of offerings based on your Team's permissions.

Once you arrive, make sure to check in on the Deskpass app or website, and then you're all set for a day of coworking and ultimate productivity!

For more information regarding Deskpass, you can visit our Rules & Guidelines page, FAQ Library, or our Resource Collection.

DESK Reservations

  • This is a coworking reservation for 1 person.

  • The person can arrive and stay working during the business hours specified on the space's profile.

  • To invite a guest, make the reservation first, then go to Account > Reservations > Upcoming. Click on the reservation. Follow the process to invite a guest.

    • Your guest needs to confirm the email invitation you've sent in order to enter the space.

    • Meet your guest(s) upon arrival and accompany them inside.

    • Follow house rules and let the space manager know the guest is with you.

MEET Reservations

OFFICE Reservations

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