More of a night owl than an early bird? We understand about extended access needs - you're not the first person to ask!

While the majority of our spaces are available to Deskpass members for open seating coworking during standard business hours only, there are a handful of spaces that offer extended hours outside of business hours.

Please Note: We would love to provide our members with access on evenings or weekends. However, each space is owned/operated independently and many are not staffed during those hours, hence why our members can't visit those spaces during those times.

You can always see a current list of spaces available to visit with a Deskpass membership (and their Deskpass coworking hours) at:

There are a handful of spaces currently on Deskpass that are open on weekends or a bit later than normal business hours if that helps, and here's how to find them:

  • When searching for workspaces on our Spaces Page, select the Open Late amenity from the list of filters. Any results will show spaces that are open past 6pm.

  • When searching for workspaces on our Spaces Page, select the Weekend Access via Deskpass filter and choose a specific weekend date. Any results will show spaces that are open that day.

  • If you absolutely need access outside of business hours, many spaces provide their own members with extended access. I recommend finding a space that you like and inquiring directly about their own membership options. If you want to be in a certain location let me know and I'd be happy to introduce you to space managers directly.

Suggestion: Rent a private office on Deskpass

"Office" reservations allow you to rent a private office by the full day, or for multiple days in a row. Some of these private office rentals come with keycard access (after an authentication and approval process), which allows you to stay and work later into the evenings or on weekends.

To search for private office rentals, click the "Office" filter on the Spaces page by visiting:

We are always looking for spaces that are staffed late in the evening or on weekends and when we find them we will definitely invite them to join Deskpass!

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