There are thousands of coworking seats, meeting rooms, and private offices on Deskpass that are available to you as a Deskpass member.

  • To browse and reserve workspace, visit the Spaces page of our website.

  • The Desk, Meet, and Office toggle allows you to filter spaces based on your specific needs.

    • Select ’Desk’ if you are looking to cowork in a space’s communal area(s).

    • Select ‘Meet’ if you want to reserve a meeting room.

    • Select ‘Office’ if you would like to reserve a private office by the day, week, month, or for multiple months in a row.

DESK Reservations

  • This is a coworking reservation for 1 person.

  • The person can arrive and stay working during the business hours specified on the space's profile.

  • To invite a guest, make the reservation first, then go to Account > Reservations > Upcoming. Click on the reservation. Follow the process to invite a guest.

    • Your guest needs to confirm the email invitation you've sent in order to enter the space.

    • Meet your guest(s) upon arrival and accompany them inside.

    • Follow house rules and let the space manager know the guest is with you.

MEET Reservations

OFFICE Reservations

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