You can’t get much work done without a WiFi password, can you? That’s why we include all this information within our app to help you connect to the internet when you arrive at a space.

To Connect to WiFi Once You've Arrived a Space:

  1. Check in on the Deskpass app or website, as soon as you arrive at a space, to unlock the WiFi network and password.

  2. Once you check in, click the ‘Space Info’ tab and you will now see the space’s WiFi network and password revealed.

If needed, you can always find the manager on-site and ask for login details.

They are usually seated right at the reception area when you check in. If you need the manager's contact information, you can find that in your reservation and also your confirmation email.

Helpful Tip: If the WiFi has been updated and the information in the Deskpass profile is no longer current, please let our support team know so we can update the information.

Your help is always appreciated to improve the Deskpass experience for all.

As always, if you need further assistance you can contact us immediately via live chat on our website, or by email during business hours at:

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