Welcome to Deskpass! We're thrilled to have you coworking around the world with us.

To make the most out of Deskpass, we encourage you to review the following resources:

Next, here are a few topics that our members find extra helpful:

Last but certainly not least, here’s how to make your first reservation if you haven’t already:

  • Visit the Spaces page at https://app.deskpass.com and change the filter to your city and country.

  • Adjust the Desk, Meet, and Office toggle to filter spaces based on your specific needs.

    • Select ’Desk’ if you are looking to cowork in a space’s communal area(s).

    • Select ‘Meet’ if you want to reserve a meeting room by the hour.

    • Select ‘Office’ if you would like to reserve an office by the day or for multiple days in a row

  • Zoom out on the map to see all the spaces in that area.

  • Browse workspaces to find the one you'd like to visit.

  • Once decided, choose the date first, then click the purple Reserve button.

After you've made a reservation you will receive an automatic email notification with instructions on how to find and access the space.

When you arrive, make sure to check in on the Deskpass app or website.

If you have other questions please let us know, we're here to help.

Happy Coworking!

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