Deskpass does not provide you with a private office. 

If you absolutely need a private office (ex: for storage) you will need to get a membership at one individual space directly. 

If you do not need a private office, a Deskpass membership provides you access to all the workspaces listed on our network, and each space listed on the network will have its own layout, amenities, services, private and semi-private areas.

This is what makes Deskpass exciting - the ability to try out different workspaces all over town and explore what makes each space unique. 

In general, most spaces will have a mix of open workspace areas, lounge areas, and specific areas to take phone and video calls so as not to disrupt other coworkers. 

When you arrive at a space for the first time, we recommend asking the manager on-site to show you around so you can familiarize yourself with the different areas and amenities available to you. 

To view the list of spaces on the Deskpass network, visit the following link and make sure to change the filter to your city:

Let us know if you have any other questions.

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