Since each space available on Deskpass is owned/operated independently and has their own rules and access policies regarding meeting rooms, Deskpass does not have the ability to book a meeting room for you. 

However, here are some options for bringing a guest to a space:

  • Have your guest sign up for a free trial pass right through our website: For security purposes, they will still have to keep a valid credit card on file, but they will not be charged when they sign up. At the end of the free trial month, they will be automatically renewed for a Mini Membership (unless they choose to cancel). There are no cancellation fees or commitments, so they can cancel at any time if needed.
  • Or, book a space on Deskpass and then call or email the manager directly to inquire about renting a meeting room for you and your guest, since many spaces rent their meeting rooms a la carte. You can see manager's information in your booking confirmation email (this is sent to you immediately after you book a Deskpass space).

Please know, we are working to roll out a guest pass feature through Deskpass very soon, so stay tuned for that!

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