Deskpass is a monthly subscription that provides its members access to workspaces all over town, so we’re always looking for more workspaces to add to the mix!

Currently, we operate in these regions: Chicago, LA, NYC, San Francisco, Austin, Boston, Dallas, DC, Denver, Houston, Miami, Portland and Seattle.

In general, Deskpass looks for the following when evaluating potential workspaces. Does your space have the following?

A workspace area with:

  • Fast, reliable WiFi
  • Desks and/or group worktables
  • Restrooms
  • Someone on site that can check-in members when they arrive and be available to answer questions (if needed)
  • Coffee, tea, and basic kitchen amenities

If your space has these features, please let us know by emailing us at and including:

  • Name of your space
  • Location of your space
  • Your website address
  • Photos of your space


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