Thank you for contacting us, and for being a Deskpass member!

Since Deskpass is a monthly subscription service, we do not have the ability to pause memberships. 

However, we understand that sometimes people's schedules are busy, or they travel, or have other things come up, so we've included automatic rollovers in all of our membership plans!

So if you don't use all your visits in a month, they will automatically rollover and stay on your account for as long as you're an active Deskpass member!

However, if you cancel your account you will lose any accrued visits. 

As such, my suggestions are:

  • Keep your membership active so that any visits that have been paid for will automatically rollover and stay on your account.
  • If you are on a Part-Time, or Full-Time monthly plan, you can always downgrade to our Mini Plan membership which still provides 4 visits per month, and you can remain an active member at our most affordable option, and keep any unused visits on your account!
  • If you do not want to keep your account active, you can cancel at any time through your Account page. However, you would lose any unused visits already paid for that are currently on your account.

We're glad to have you coworking around town with us!

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