Yes! You can host a meeting by renting an "Hourly" space on Deskpass. 

Hourly bookings allow you to rent specific spaces by the hour. For example, meeting rooms, phone booths, podcast rooms, training centers, event spaces, and more! 

Deskpass members receive a 10% discount on each space's hourly rentals and this discount is already reflected in the price shown to you. 

A few helpful notes:

  • Deskpass members can book these hourly spaces on demand, and in half hour increments, whenever needed. 
  • If you are booking an hourly rental to host a meeting, the number of available seating indicates the max amount of guests (including yourself) that can fit in that space.
  • Additional hourly fees apply, which are billed after the reservation is completed. 
  • We will continue to add on more hourly rentals so as we grow, so will our hourly rental offerings.

To search for hourly rentals, click the "Hourly" button on the Spaces page by visiting:

If you do not need a private space, your guest(s) can redeem a free trial membership and make a Deskpass booking to the same space, so you can cowork together!

  • Have your guest sign up for a free trial right through our website at: For security purposes, they will still have to keep a valid credit card on file, but they will not be charged when they sign up. At the end of the free trial month, they will be automatically renewed for a Mini Membership (unless they choose to cancel). There are no cancellation fees or commitments, so they can cancel at any time if needed.
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