With your Deskpass membership, you can visit the same space up to 5x per month. 

However, one of the best benefits of Deskpass is the ability to access and experience a variety of spaces. 

Each space will have its own unique environment, layout, amenities, services, management, mission, and more - and Deskpass provides you an easy, quick, and flexible way to try them all out!

As background, the reason we have a 5x per month limit to the same space is to be respectful of each space's individual membership options and offerings. We never want to circumvent or undercut a space (Deskpass was started by and is run by coworking space owners!) and our mission is to promote and support the spaces listed on our platform.

If you find a space on Deskpass that you really enjoy and want to work there more than 5x in the same month, I can introduce you to the manager and they can let you know about their membership options. 

Or, if you'd like to give Deskpass a try, we're happy to offer you a free trial pass or a discount off your first month to get started!

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